RTD Cocktails for Tailgating

Football season in Tennessee means one thing: it’s time for some tailgating fun! Whether you’re cheering on the Titans or the Volunteers, one essential element can level up your tailgate experience: Ready-to-Drink (RTD) cocktails. Convenient and packed with flavor, these cocktails below are the perfect companions for your game day celebrations.

Jameson RTD

Jameson RTD Cocktails

  1. Jameson, Ginger & Lime in a Can: Kick off your tailgate with the refreshing combination of Jameson Irish Whiskey, Ginger Ale, and Lime. It’s a lower ABV option that’s perfect for those warm game days. Just chill it and enjoy it straight from the can. The zesty kick of ginger and lime will keep your spirits high as you root for your favorite Tennessee football teams.
  2. Jameson Cola in a Can: For those on the move, Jameson Cola is your go-to choice. It’s a unique blend of the smooth Jameson Irish Whiskey and classic cola. Sip it straight from the can or over ice for a quick and satisfying drink that will fuel your tailgating enthusiasm.
  3. Jameson Lemonade in a Can: Keep it simple, easy, and oh-so-refreshing with Jameson Irish Whiskey and Lemonade. It’s the perfect match for gatherings with friends, whether you’re tailgating at Nissan Stadium or Neyland Stadium. Just pop the can open and let the good times roll.


Crown Royal

Crown Royal RTD Cocktails

  1. Crown Royal Whisky Lemonade: It’s a refreshingly light and easy-drinking cocktail that’s tailor-made for warmer games. Sip on this delightful blend while you soak up the Tennessee sun at your tailgate.
  2. Crown Royal Peach Tea: A southern sweet tea with a royal twist, this variety combines Crown Royal whisky, peach flavor, and brewed tea. It’s like a southern sweet tea with a royal twist.
  3. Crown Royal Whisky & Cola: A Gold medalist at the 2021 competition, this variety pairs Crown Royal whisky with cola for a classic taste that never goes out of style.
  4. Crown Royal Washington Apple: Tasting like victory in a can, this variety features Crown Royal whisky with apple and sparkling cranberry flavors.

Crown Royal

Whether you’re sipping on Jameson’s Irish Whiskey creations or indulging in the royal flavors of Crown Royal, these convenient cocktails are the ideal game-day companions.