A Trio of Exceptional Wines for Your 4th of July Festivities

Raise a glass of Ancient Peaks Rosé and revel in its fresh aromas of strawberry, guava, and kiwi. For on-the-go enjoyment, House Wine in a Can offers the convenience of single-serve formats without compromising on taste, allowing you to savor your favorite red, white, or rosé while partaking in outdoor adventures. And to add a touch of elegance, Campo Viejo Red Blend captivates with its aromatic bouquet of red fruits, including cherry, strawberry, plum, and blueberry. Celebrate Independence Day with these exceptional wines, raising a toast to good company, great flavors, and a memorable 4th of July.

Ancient Peaks Rose

Ancient Peaks

Raise a glass of Ancient Peaks Rosé and toast to a delightful 4th of July! This 2022 vintage exudes fresh aromas of strawberry, guava, and kiwi, while the palate delivers juicy flavors of watermelon, green apple, and lime zest. With racy mineral textures and bright acidity, it culminates in a smooth, refreshing finish. Perfect for carefree moments and food pairings like picnic fare, fish tacos, or herbed flatbread, Ancient Peaks Rosé is the ideal companion for your 4th of July celebration. 

House Wine in a Can 

House Wine

These convenient, single-serve formats have revolutionized the way we enjoy wine, offering the equivalent of two glasses in a portable and packable can. Whether you’re embarking on a hike, hitting the beach, or enjoying a day of outdoor fun this 4th of July, House Wine in a Can is the ultimate choice. With a variety of wine flavors to choose from, you can savor your favorite red, white, or rosé wherever you go.

Campo Viejo Red Blend

Campo Viejo

There’s no better way to kick elevate your 4th of July celebrations than with a glass of Campo Viejo Red Blend. The scent of red fruits fills the air as notes of cherry, strawberry, plum, and blueberry dance playfully. It’s a sensory journey that captures the essence of summer and sets the stage for a truly delightful experience. For your 4th of July feast, this wine harmonizes wonderfully with grilled meats, complements baked fish, and adds depth to creamy pasta dishes.

Now, which one will you choose?


Bulleit Bourbon: The Perfect Way to Celebrate National Bourbon Day

As National Bourbon Day approaches on June 14th, it’s time to start planning the perfect way to celebrate. And what better way to do so than with a glass of Bulleit Bourbon? This popular bourbon has become a favorite among bourbon lovers thanks to its smooth and delicious taste and is perfect for sipping on a warm summer evening.

Bulleit Bourbon is known for its high rye content, which gives it a spicy kick that’s perfect for mixing in cocktails or sipping neat. The bourbon is aged for at least six years, which gives it a deep and rich flavor profile that’s perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re a seasoned bourbon drinker or just starting to explore the world of bourbon, Bulleit is a great place to start.

A Cocktail Recipe to Try: The Bulleit Boulevardier

If you’re looking for a delicious cocktail to enjoy on National Bourbon Day, look no further than the Bulleit Boulevardier. This cocktail is a classic bourbon cocktail that’s perfect for summer, with a mix of sweet and bitter flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. Here’s how to make it:


-1 1/2 oz. Bulleit Bourbon

-3/4 oz. Sweet Vermouth

-3/4 oz. Campari

-Orange twist for garnish


  1. Add the Bulleit Bourbon, Sweet Vermouth, and Campari to a mixing glass filled with ice.
  2. Stir the mixture for about 30 seconds until it’s well chilled.
  3. Strain the mixture into a rocks glass filled with ice.
  4. Garnish the cocktail with an orange twist and enjoy!

3 Whiskeys for World Whiskey Day

Whether you’re new to drinking whiskey or an experienced connoisseur, mark your calendars for World Whiskey Day, which falls on May 20th. It’s the perfect opportunity to try new and different whiskeys. Here are 3 you should put on your list: 

George Dickel

George Dickel

George Dickel Rye Whisky is one of the only ryes finished in the chilled charcoal-mellowed style. The spicy but exceptionally smooth finish makes it a great choice in classic cocktails like The Old Fashioned and Manhattan.

Blue Note

Blue Note

Blue Note Juke Joint Whiskey is crafted in Memphis. Unfiltered to deliver a classic, viscous-bodied premium bourbon. On the Nose Sweet corn, Allspice, and oak with a full taste of vanilla, apricot, and pear and a crisp finish.

Blade and Bow

Blade & Bow

Aged in new charred American white oak barrels, this bourbon has a subtle aroma of fresh fruit and a taste that includes hints of dried apricot, ripe pear and sweet roasted grain. The finish has notes of charred oak and warm winter spices.

The Perfect Cocktail for National Gin and Tonic Day

National Gin and Tonic Day is on April 9th, which means you need to get the best Gin and Tonic cocktail recipe. Enjoy this gin and tonic cocktail recipe featuring Broker’s Gin:

Gin and Tonic Cocktail


  • 2 fresh mint leaves 
  • Ice cubes 
  • 1 shot of Broker’s Gin 
  • Cucumber slices
  • 4 oz. of tonic water
  • Lime slice 


  1. Muddle fresh mint leaves in a highball glass. 
  2. Add ice cubes and a shot of Broker’s gin. 
  3. Fill the rest of the glass with tonic water. 
  4. Add cucumber slices if desired. 
  5. Squeeze a lime slice and then garnish!